OLED LAB Bluelight Test: Take Care of Your Eyes with OLED

TVs, monitors and smartphones are now inseparable from our daily lives. However, these display companions emit bluelight that affects our eye health, which can cause eye strain and sleep disturbances. That’s why it’s important to choose ‘Low-Bluelight Display” certified OLED displays. Watch the differences between a conventional display and an OLED display for yourself.

OLED LAB Flicker-free Test: Better Vision, Better Eyes

‘Flickering’, a phenomenon of wavering light, causes eye strain and headache. It often happens on displays, which includes TV displays. ‘Flicker-free’ certified OLED suppresses visible flickers, which can cause eye fatigue and headaches – choose OLED for you and your family’s ocular health.

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Keep in Touch with Arts and Culture with OLED

Art and culture can bring us closer together than ever, even amid the lockdown. Would you believe me if I told you that there’s no need to leave your home, or gather in a crowd for this? Take advantage of digital art exhibitions hosted by world-famous galleries, livestream various concerts and immerse yourself in classical…

Beijing's Futuristic Subway

A Closer Look into Beijing’s Futuristic Subway

Last month, a video of Beijing’s subway filmed by a Chinese commuter went viral. Looking like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, the clip made everyone’s jaws drop by showing the train’s transparent windows shifting to display information on train routes, subway maps, and service facilities in 3D graphics once the train started moving.…

Ditch the Guilt Surrounding Screen Time with OLED

Ditch the Guilt Surrounding Screen Time with OLED

Though it wasn’t a voluntary decision, sheltering at home with loved ones has literally brought families closer. Perhaps out of perpetual boredom or a much needed family time, families gather around the TV for entertainment and bonding. But amidst all the fun and good times, the increased screen time could be worrisome as everyone’s eyes…

Make the Most of Your Time at Home – with OLED

Make the Most of Your Time at Home – with OLED

Somethings have been delayed, while others have been cancelled. With so many uncertainties and unknowns, it’s gotten harder to look for the silver lining. Whatever it is that you think you need to combat this seemingly everlasting feeling, it’s probably the countless hours spent only at home that makes it even more difficult. But OLED…