Sight and Sound
Become ONE

Cinematic Sound OLED is an innovative sound system embedded into the
screen that generates sound from the entire surface.
Transform ordinary spaces into personal theaters by complementing
transcendent picture quality with vivid audio along with elegant design.

Why does sound have to come from the sides
when we are sitting right in front of the TV?

Audio emitted from the side of the TV can seem
dissonant and give us a sense of confusion.

More Natural, Precise and Clear.
Enjoy Real Sound with
Cinematic Sound OLED

Cinematic Sound OLED emits sound that’s in line with
what you see for an immersive experience.
Create your own private movie theater with Cinematic Sound OLED.


OLED panel is used as a vibration
panel to emit sound forward generating a simple design.

Exciter (Film/Coil type)

An Exciter is attached to the back of the panel
to vibrate the display itself and emit sound directly forward
for a more clear and defined sound experience.

Screen and Sound
Unite for
True Immersion

Cinematic Sound OLED precisely matches
what you see and what you hear.
It sends sounds directly from the screen for an
astonishing entertainment experience.

Sound Camera Analysis

Standard TV
Speaker Technology

Sound images are created at the
bottom of the TV, resulting in dissonance
between screen and sound.

Cinematic Sound OLED

Sound images are formed at the
center of the screen for enhanced
immersion and realistic directional sound.

Sound Camera analysis proves sounds that can be heard
directly from the screen through Cinematic Sound OLED.

Extreme Realism
and Clarity from
Front-Firing Audio

Cinematic Sound OLED has its own embedded sound system
where you can hear every beat of the sound like you
are at the center of the front row at a rock concert.
Be transported to the heart of everything you watch.

The sound field fills the screen
with vibrations,
just like a virtual diaphragm,
for a true-to-life viewing experience.

Panel Vibrant Scan Shape

Panel Speaker Sound Field

Ultra-Realistic Wide Sound Field

Wider Audio
Scope and Clearer
Sound Quality

Cinematic Sound OLED supports a wide range of mid to
high frequencies with vivid quality and consistent volume.
No matter what you watch, from sports to musicals
and action movies, it sounds dynamic and clear.

65EF9500 (LG Electronics)

Sound Pressure Level (dB)

Frequency (Hz)

Standard TV speaker technology

Sound is blocked by the panel,
therefore high frequencies are distorted.
Audio clarity and vividness are decreased.

Frequency band150~20KH

Sound intensity74dB

Sound Pressure Level (dB)

Frequency (Hz)

Cinematic Sound OLED

Clear and vivid audio over a wider
playback range with
especially smooth high frequencies.

Frequency band180~35KH

Sound intensity74dB

Screen and Sound
in Harmony

Ever wanted to experience the spectacle sound of an orchestra
from the comfort of your home? Hear and behold the vibrancy of a concert hall
in your living room with Cinematic Sound OLED.

Synchronized Display and Audio
for Complete Immersion

Create a home theater as spectacular as the cinema.
Cinematic Sound OLED emits sound directly from the screen
for visual and audio synchronization and more immersive viewing.

Ads that Look and
Sound Incredible

Cinematic Sound OLED takes advertising to a new level.
Expand ad reach with displays that captivate
your audience’s ears and eyes.

Mesmerizing Display

Capture players’ attention with clear graphics and vivid sound.
Cinematic Sound OLED provides another level of realism
for more immersive gaming


List 8K & Cinematic Sound OLED Wallpaper OLED &
Cinematic Sound OLED
Size 88” 77”
Resolution QUHD
(7,680 x 4,320)
(3,840 x 2,160)
(APL* 25/100%)
500 / 150nit 500 / 150nit
Color Gamut (DCI) 99% 99%
Audio Channel 11.2 Ch 2.2 Ch
Frequency Range (Hz) 60~40k 60~40k
*APL : Average Peak Luminance

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