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Meet OLED at Harrods

  • Date Posted2019.07.31
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Meet OLED at Harrods

Harrods, the world’s leading shopping destination in the United Kingdom, has officially kicked off a collaboration with OLED. With OLED’s top-notch technology and its outstanding design, it is expected to upgrade the lifestyle of customers in extensive and diverse ways. This collaboration is giving Harrods customers the opportunity to experience OLED, the premier display technology available on the market today, in Harrods show windows and in the OLED TV retail space on the 5th floor of the Harrods Knightsbridge location. 

As well as offering customers the chance to experience LG Display, the store’s windows are also being used to celebrate Harrods corporate charity partner, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC).

The Opening Ceremony

On July 29, 2019, an opening ceremony was held at Harrods, door 5. Members of Harrods, VIPs, LG members and its partners, approximately 50 people in all, attended the ceremony and special congratulatory speeches were made by LG Electronics, Bang & Olufsen, Panasonic, and Philips to recognize the collaboration. 

Chris Dee, Director of Technology Home & Food for Harrods, commented on the event and collaboration saying, "This collaboration with LG Display has really been made possible by, first of all, a long standing relationship that we have with all the brands involved that use LG Display as their technology." He also added, "We've invested heavily in this new space on the 5th floor in Knightsbridge. We've increased the amount of space devoted to televisions and to technology as a whole and working with an innovative partner like LG Display has allowed us to introduce a lot more interaction for our customers and for them to see the quality and innovation that takes place."

Show Windows Tour

After the opening ceremony, a special tour was held for the participants. They had a chance to experience the OLED technology installed in the show windows at Harrods with unique design concepts. Attendees were impressed with the four key characteristics of OLED, Authentic Emissive Color, Thinovative Design, Everywhere View and Ocular Guard. The OLED display windows will be available to see at Harrods 24/7. Harrods features only the most premier brands in the world in their show windows and displaying the OLED TVs in their windows represents their recognition of OLED as the ultimate in display technology. Cutting-edge OLED technology is the perfect fit for Harrods and their position as a premium luxury retailer.

OLED Charity Window: Support Our Vision to Give Every Child in London a Voice #HarrodsxNSPCC

In addition to showcasing the very latest OLED TVs within the show windows, LG Display and Harrods have also launched their charity campaign in partnership with the UK’s leading children’s charity, the NSPCC. The special charity window features a button that will send a donation to the NSPCC when pressed. OLED Technology will donate 10p per each press of the button or hashtag post up to £100,000 in addition to their committed pledge of £100,000 to support the NSPCC. Any funds raised by the window takeover will go directly towards the NSPCC’s vital services in the capital, helping to support children in London and protect them from abuse and neglect. The money will help to fund Childline, Speak Out, Stay Safe, school assemblies and NSPCC service centres. 

The NSPCC is the UK’s leading children’s charity fighting to end child abuse.

You can also participate in this campaign via the OLED SPACE website(http://bit.ly/2YfYMaL).  The NSPCC help children who’ve been abused to rebuild their lives, protect children at risk, and we find the best ways of preventing child abuse from ever happening. Please click the link above and participate to support the NSPCC’s vision to give every child in London a voice. 

Lydia Elise Millen’s Participation

Lydia Elise Millen is one of the most influential YouTube influencers in the U.K. with more than 740,000 subscribers. She visited Harrods to attend the opening ceremony and film content introducing the OLED displays and TVs. At the OLED zone, she had a chance to see and experience various kinds of OLED products. Her Harrods content will be uploaded to her YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/lydiamillen


“We are honored to partner with Harrods, as OLED technology has been selected to enrich the famous show windows of the world’s most renowned luxury department store. This unprecedented move elevates OLED to the next level, strengthening its reputation for superior quality and pioneering innovation,” said Dr. Chang-Ho Oh, Executive Vice President & Head of the TV Business Unit at LG Display. He added, “LG Display is committed to widely spreading the premium value of OLED in Europe and expanding the OLED market, starting from the U.K. This partnership with Harrods, a fellow beacon of luxury, is truly historic as it combines the incomparable classic with cutting-edge technology alongside a shared unrelenting pursuit of excellence.” 

Through this collaboration, LG and Harrods are expecting to increase customer satisfaction by upgrading their lifestyles. Don’t miss your chance to visit and experience OLED firsthand at Harrods.

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