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Introduction to OLED SPACE

  • Date Posted 2019.04.11
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Hello from the OLED SPACE team!

Welcome to OLED SPACE.

OLED SPACE is a place to discuss and experience OLED, the foremost in display technology.

At OLED SPACE, you can do the following:

1. Discuss OLED technology with experts in tech, design and media.

2. Ask questions and have them answered by experts.

3. Write content, and upload images and videos related to OLED.

4. Earn participation credits to become a Genius. 

 Explore the benefits of Genius and other membership levels >>

5. Enjoy OLED related events and programs.

Violation of the following terms will not be tolerated and your content and membership can be removed or terminated from the site:

▶ The use of slander or offensive language.

▶ The posting of content, images or videos not related to OLED.

Take advantage of the wealth of information available about OLED and enjoy your time with us at OLED SPACE!

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