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OLED collaborated with musical genius, Pink Sweat$, for its first-ever global song campaign to highlight OLED's world-renowned, premium features. Listen to the Pink Sweat$' dazzling new track, “I Feel Good” and feel the sense of pure bliss through OLED's eminence.
Experience OLED's sheer brilliance and watch your dream setup – whether it be a home theater or gaming station – come to life.
  • The perfect Home Theater
    “Nothing Feels More Real than OLED TV”
    Watch how Pink Sweat$ makes the most romantic movie night in his comfort living room – with OLED TV’s hyper-realistic and magical viewing experience.
  • The Dream Gaming Setup
    “Always Winning with OLED TV”
    Pink Sweat$ hosts his best friends for a fun and entertaining day of friendly competition at his extravagant, in house gaming station with OLED TV, the only device to complete your dream gaming setup.

Blissful Features

Sharing unforgettable movie moment with your loved ones doesn't have to happen only in theaters. With OLED TV's exceptional clarity, striking visuals and vivid color details, create the best home theater you could ever wish for.

“With OLED TV, Losing is Never an Option”

OLED TV provides the perfect platform for gaming with its smooth graphics, fast response time, and reduced input lag – giving you the upper hand in any competition.

  • Pink Sweat$ and his girlfriend are watching a movie on OLED TV.
    Perfect Black
    See fine details in the dark and bring colors to life with 'Perfect Black'.
    Accurate Color
    See it all exactly the way the creators intended with '100% Color Fidelity'.
    Eye Comfort
    Improve the comfort of your eyes while watching movies with OLED.
  • Pink Sweat$ and his friends are enjoying games with OLED TV.
    Eye Comfort
    Enjoy your games and keep your eyes comfortable with OLED.
    Superior Interactivity
    No more lagging behind the competition with incredible 0.1ms response time and 9.7ms low input lag.
    Immersive Reality
    Get yourself immersed in the game accompanied by OLED with '100% Color Fidelity'.


Share your favorite OLED features or experiences with your friends and family.
What makes OLED so special and enjoyable while gaming or watching movies? Share your thoughts and get lucky!

10.15.2021 ~ 10.31.2021
(Event Closed)
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with Pink Sweat$

Take “I Feel Good” to the next level with your own unique vocal chops! Show us what you have by participating in the “Duet Challenge” with Pink Sweat$. Upload your duet video on Instagram Reels for a chance to win your own OLED TV!

10.25.2021 ~ 11.28.2021
(Event Closed)
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    2021 OLED C1 77 inch TV
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    2021 OLED C1 65 inch TV
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    Xbox Series S
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    Best Buy® $200 Gift Card
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Influencer Reels

Check out the Reels of influencers who joined the #DuetYourBLISS event and start your own duet with Pink Sweat$.

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