Transparent OLED brings space once hidden
behind the display, back into the picture.
Enjoy the perfect picture put together by
your TV and its surroundings.

There's no need for a backlight,
Experience Ultra Transparency with Your Own Eyes

Transparent OLED is a self-emissive display
that provides ultimate transparency
and crystal clear visuals, without the use of a backlight.

With a record-breaking transmittance of 40%,
Transparent OLED is incomparable to existing Transparent LCDs.

LCDNon-emissive Display

requires an external light source


The conventional Transparent LCD display requires an external light source to display images, which limits its applications to Transparent cases and refrigerators.

OLEDSelf-emissive Display

free of any other light source


The Transparent OLED display is self-emissive, perfectly ready for use even without a backlight. This allows it to be applied anytime, anywhere!

Type Light Source Polarizer Installation Transparency
LCD Back Light Unit Need Bad(Weight, thickness↑) Bad 10%
OLED Self – emissive No need Good Good 40%

Introducing Transparent OLED: Visualize the Future in Your Eyes

Transparent OLED’s brilliant features woo customers and add a high-end touch to a wide range of spaces.



Unlike conventional LCD panels which project backlight across several layers of optical sheets, every one of OLED’s self-emitting pixels transmits images with the highest detail and clarity.

Self-emitting pixels bring you the joy of seeing true-to-life colors and perfect image quality, with no worries of light leakage, adding up to a more comfortable viewing experience.

  • Transparent LCD requires an additional backlight
  • Transparent OLEDself-emitting, no backlight needed


Cover GlassOLED PanelCover Glass

Slim and Light as Air
New Possibilties brought upon by groundbreaking designs

Transparent OLED goes beyond current display technology to explore new possibilities and applications across a diverse range of industries, including architecture and transportation.

Globally recognized as one of the most high-end display technologies, OLED achieves an unbeatable level of transparency by removing the backlight and utilizing self-emissive pixels.

  • Light Weight
  • Narrow Bezel
  • Cable Flexibility
    (up to 3m)
  • Single Type
  • Customized
    Tiling Type (2*N)

Exploring Business Opportunities
without the Limits of Space

Imagine a group of passengers sitting and waiting for their flights, timelessly staring at a large airport window.
Switching these windows to Transparent OLED can allow a rush of new business opportunities, as these mundane windows would now be able to display flight information along with advertisements.

Everyday Spaces

Add a finishing touch to any space of any dimension, by integrating an eye-catching Transparent OLED wall.

Display Information
Like Never Before

Transparent OLED can deliver shoppers with an enhanced duty-free experience at the airport, by providing special and informative display settings that remain unique to OLED.

An Unforgettable
Visual Journey

Transparent OLED can create cherishable memories for patients at the hospital, guaranteeing them a comfortable recovery.

Showcase Your Brand and Products
with Impact

Design store window displays like never before.
Transparent OLED can serve as key to marketing your brand, by opening new possibilities of displaying information in innovative ways to shoppers all around the world.



The future of Transparent OLED: An extended range of Transparent OLED with glass-like transparency will be developed in various dimensions,
to provide an ideal package for businesses.

55” Transparent OLED40% Transmittance

Ready in Various DimensionsGlass-like Features
Enhanced Transparency


List 55” Transparent OLED Remark
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Outline Dimension 1221.5 x 699.35 x 1.6 Thickness
without Anti-shatter Film
on both sides
Active Area 1209.6 x 680.4
Bezel (L, R, U/D) 5.95 / 5.95 / 5.95 / 13.0
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Color Depth 10bit, 1.07 Billion Colors
Normal (100% APL*) 150nit
Peak (25% APL*) 400nit
Color Gamut (BT709) 120%
Transparent Rate 40% with AR*
Reflection Rate 14%
Color Viewing Angle (Δu’v’) Min 60˚(±0.026)
Weight (kg) 3.14kg Without C-PCB & Shield
*AR : Anti-Reflection
*APL : Average Peak Luminance

Transparent OLED Brochure

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Discover OLED TVs from online OLED Stores in your respective country.

Discover OLED TVs from online
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