the Next Step in
Display Brilliance

Transparent OLED brings spaces once hidden
behind displays back into the picture.
Experience an environment with harmony
between TV and its surroundings.

No Backlight,

Transparent OLED is a self-emissive display
that provides complete transparency
and advanced clarity since it doesn’t require a backlight.

Reaching up to 40% in transparency level,
Transparent OLED is significantly higher than
those of conventional Transparent LCDs.


Requires external light sources


Since conventional Transparent LCD displays require external light sources to display images, applications are limited to Transparent cases and refrigerators.




Transparent OLED is self-emissive with no backlight, which allows them to be installed in various ways and in various applications.

Type Light Source Polarizer Installation Transparency
LCD Back Light Unit Need Bad(Weight, thickness↑) Bad 10%
OLED Self – emissive No need Good Good 40%


Transparent OLED’s enticing features attract customers
and elevate a versatile range of spaces.

OLED Brilliance


Unlike LCD panels that send backlight through several layers of optical sheets, OLED independently transmits the picture with perfect detail and clarity.

The self-emitting pixels provide stunning vibrancy and high picture quality, with no light leakage, for more natural viewing.

  • Transparent LCD requires an additional backlight
  • Transparent OLED is self-emitting with no backlight


Cover GlassOLED PanelCover Glass

The slim, lightweight
design brings
new possibilities

Transparent OLED goes beyond what’s possible in current display technology to offer new applications across a range of industries, including architecture and transportation.

OLED is perceived as a premium display technology that achieves transparency by removing the backlight and utilizing pixels that produce their own light.

  • Light Weight
  • Narrow Bezel
  • Cable Flexibility
    (up to 3m)
  • Single Type
  • Customized
    Tiling Type (2*N)

Business Opportunities
Without Space Limits

Imagine a group of passengers waiting for their flight in front of a large airport window.
By adding the innovative Transparent OLED, you can now display flight information
and ads which will create new business opportunities.

Everyday Spaces,

Brighten up any space by filling it with a strikingly beautiful backdrop.

A New Way to
Display Information

With Transparent OLED, you can have an enhanced duty-free experience
at the airport with the touch of a unique display options that
gives away visual informations of the product.

Visual Experience

With Transparent OLED, you can create unforgettable memories to visitors
and patients at the hospital and offer them a comfortable stay.

Visionary Ways to Exhibit
Your Brand

Create promotional store windows with futuristic features never experienced before.
Transparent OLED will ultimately enhance brand images by allowing new display methods
like presenting product information to customers.


Road Map

The future of Transparent OLED: A full range of varying sizes
with glass-like transparency will be developed to provide
an optimal experience for your business.

55” Transparent OLEDTransparency 40%

Various SizesMore Glass-like
Improved Transparency


List 55” Transparent OLED Remark
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Outline Dimension 1221.5 x 699.35 x 1.6 Thickness
without Anti-shatter Film
on both sides
Active Area 1209.6 x 680.4
Bezel (L, R, U/D) 5.95 / 5.95 / 5.95 / 13.0
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Color Depth 10bit, 1.07 Billion Colors
Normal (100% APL*) 150nit
Peak (25% APL*) 400nit
Color Gamut (BT709) 120%
Transparent Rate 40% with AR*
Reflection Rate 14%
Color Viewing Angle (Δu’v’) Min 60˚(±0.026)
Weight (kg) 3.14kg Without C-PCB & Shield
*AR : Anti-Reflection
*APL : Average Peak Luminance

Transparent OLED Brochure

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