the ultimate in
slim design

Your TV and wall become one creating an entirely new space.
Curate a gallery of masterpieces on your living room wall,
With an impossibly thin panel and ultra-slim bezel,
Wallpaper OLED is far more than just a living room TV.

Self-Emissive OLED.
Total Freedom from Weight and Thickness

Wallpaper OLED is the ultimate in thin and light design,
with self-emitting display and no backlight.
Create the space of your dreams with ultra-slim panel and the hidden
bezel perfectly adhere to the wall.

Wallpaper OLED seamlessly and effortlessly
blends into any space.

Slim LCDNon-emissive
display requiring backlight

: LED Housing and Cover Shield

→ Difficult to wall mount (13.7mm ↑)

Thickness43mm ↑

Weight18.6kg ↑

Wallpaper OLEDSelf-emissive
display with no backlight

: TFT Glass + Metal Encap. Only

→ Mounts flush with wall (Zero Gap)



Wallpaper OLED

Wallpaper OLED fully immerses you,
daring you to take your eyes off the screen.
For the captivating, all-encompassing experience of a movie theater,
the prime choice is Wallpaper OLED.


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Wallpaper OLED’s Distinct
Slim Design

– Applies a backlight to achieve slim design.
– Sacrifices image quality for slimness.

– Preserves premium image quality.

Classification OLED LCD
Edge Type BLU Direct Type BLU


– Increase concentration by removing nearby distractions,
such as the TV’s shadow and stand, since the TV is flush to the wall.

– Maximize immersion by making the TV part of the wall.

A New Standard
for Your
Space and Lifestyle

With Wallpaper OLED,
no longer is TV the dark void that deteriorates your interior.
The display seamlessly harmonizes with the interior through
Clean-back Design optimized for wall mounting.

Elevate your surroundings with Gallery mode and Window mode,
even when not watching programs.
Wallpaper OLED is the state-of-the-art TV that adds beauty to your daily life.


Wallpaper OLED’s
Slim and Clean-back Design

  • Lets you design your interiors with a seamlessly integrated
    TV flush to the wall.
  • Eliminates the need for extra brackets that
    can damage your wall.
  • Features Gallery Mode and Window Mode that enhance
    your room’s beauty when not playing conventional content.

Standard TV mounting setup

  • Increases space consumption due to the size of the TV’s stand,
    which typically exceeds the TV’s dimensions.
  • Requires extra brackets to support the weight of the wall-mounted TV.

Displays Made to Soar

Slim, light displays are perfect for flights and cruises with weight restrictions.
Keep passengers’ boredom at bay with Wallpaper OLED entertainment.

Efficient Use of
Extravagant Spaces

Heartfelt interiors improve our quality of life.
Bring harmony to any space by making the 3.65mm
thin Wallpaper OLED display the finishing touch of your interiors.

The Perfect View
for the Perfect Space

Don’t waste precious space with a dreary, conventional TV.
The Self-emissive Wallpaper OLED display provides vivid imagery from any angle.

Luxurious Spaces

Finishing touches that subtly define your hotel’s character.
Wallpaper OLED sits flush against the wall to give guests a luxurious first impression.


List Wallpaper OLED
Size 77” / 65″
Resolution UHD
(3,840 x 2,160)
Luminance (APL* 25/100%) 500 / 150nit
Color Gamut (DCI) 99%
Audio Channel 2.2 Ch
Frequency Range (Hz) 60~40k
Depth (mm) 0.97
*APL : Average Peak Luminance

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